Parallel Spring .130 Series

Small size connector system for modern electronics where space is limited

Applications: These electrically conductive fasteners provide a way to mount a wearable device to a human being, and transmit an electrical signal at the same time.
The connection to a human can be through a patch, sticker, strap, tape, or garment.
The fasteners can be provided so as to mount to a PC board, enclosure, or onto another strap, garment, patch, sticker or other article.
There are solutions for embedding into an insert molded connector or enclosure, or fastened by riveting.

Sockets (female component)

76 conductive socket
77  conductive socket Product image

Posts for Sockets

73C conductive post
73SF conductive post
77 conductive post
73T conductive post
76-16 conductive post

Studs (male component)

76 conductive stud
76S conductive stud
77K conductive stud
77EZ conductive stud
78C conductive stud
69 socket 69 socket
69 conductive stud

Posts for Studs

77SF conductive post
77 conductive post
76 conductive post
63 conductive post
77P conductive post
69 conductive post