Multiple size options for nose clips for masks

We stock multiple lengths of the nose pieces for PPE masks in 3 standard widths.
For more information and pricing, please contact us at 203.874.6710 or email

Aluminum Nose Strips for Masks

Call 203-874-6710 for pricing.

Delivery usually 2-3 days, ex works Milford CT. Made in USA.

WIDTH: 0.35"
Length     Item
3” long 653NH-0.35-3.0-L
3.4” long 653NH-0.35-3.4-L
3.94” long      653NH-0.35-3.94-L
WIDTH: 0.25"
Length Item
3” long 653NH-0.25-3.0-L
3.4” long 653NH-0.25-3.4-L
3.94” long      653NH-0.25-3.94-L
WIDTH: 0.20"
Length Part#
3” long 653NH-0.20-3.0-L
3.4” long 653NH-0.20-3.4-L
3.94” long      653NH-0.20-3.94-L
4” long 653NH-0.20-4.0-L