Our Mission

ROMED® Fasteners Inc. is devoted completely to the development and manufacture of electrical connectors
of high quality and low cost for the medical and health technology industries.

Our History

Romed Fasteners, Inc. is the youngest member of the Rome Fastener business family. Romed was created to integrate Rome Fastener Corporation’s century-old knowledge in the manufacturing of mechanical snap fasteners for garments and leather goods with Romag® Fastener Inc.’s quarter-century experience in magnetic fastener technology, to bring to market the finest engineered solutions for today’s wearable medical/health/sports products.

Our Patented Magnetic Fastener System

Romed’s newly Patented Magnetic Fastener System is designed to be used by wearable device manufacturers so that a user can magnetically connect a device to their body, through a low cost disposable magnetic male to be used with a strong magnetic electrical female connector.
Romed’s comprehensive line of mechanical snap systems, includes a full complement of insert moldable spring sockets, rivet mountable spring sockets, studs, and posts in two size categories, to be used in today’s medical/health products.

Our sister company Rome Fastener

Rome Fastener Corporation is in its third generation of family ownership, spanning nearly 100 years. Rome is the only remaining American owned snap fastener manufacturer. The longevity of Rome Fastener is based on its high level of engineering excellence and diligence in the manufacture of its products. Rome is recognized worldwide for its high level of innovation, quality, and service.

Our sister company ROMAG®

Romag Fasteners, Inc. is devoted to the development and manufacture of magnetic closures for the leather goods, garment, automotive, and packaging industries. Romag’s successful patented magnetic systems are used in a wide array of popular consumer products.